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Thought Land — February 29, 2016
Thought Land — January 12, 2016

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Sometimes do you get tired talking to yourself do right too.But its really important for us not to abandon ourselves.The way we show our love for others and upon rejection we break down…we shouldn’t forget that love starts from within.We can’t give what we don’t have.So love yourself before others and trust me its not being selfish,its the way to be happy and healthy.

Thought Land.. — December 18, 2015

Thought Land..


I wish and I am sure all of you wish we can use on and off switch for our feelings but it doesn’t work like that.

But should it deter you from the path of feeling good and and happy.Big deserve to be happy irrespective.Be happy and do what makes you happy.Its your life …be the author and make it sure you find reasons to be happy on every page.

WHY??? — December 3, 2015


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Let’s just run away.

To where..

Anywhere..where it’s just you and me.

Or Let’s hide .

From whom?

Whole world..

Let’s just go..I am scared..I don’t wanna loose you.

“You are my dawn ..

You are my night..

My heartbeat ..I wanna hold you tight”

Don’t worry ..don’t be scared I am here..We will be together for life.We are inseparable…I wonder what took us so long to meet….”I love you more everyday..”

……………..I am so glad we finally together..I don’t care whom we hurt but we are together….I need you like I need air…


Why you changed so much..You are not the same person anymore..You are hurting me…It hurts..stop..This is not you…


You promised …I love you too…


Not Again….Why…I wish..oh God why….but you promised…

My silence defines my pain…I trusted you..WHY

I wish river of life flows smoothly ,careless of boulders and rocky terrain but that’s what I wish.Life comes as a complete pack with bonus of happiness and necessary pains.Its just unavoidable.You can’t run from it.Only thing that helps you sustain and survive is how fast you adapt and adjust.Everybody have their portion of sad and happy moments’s just that levels are different and pains are different but all coexist for everybody.That’s life.So hold on tight and stop asking WHY.




Thought Land — November 9, 2015

Thought Land

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Your heart is like a Golden vase..and flowers are the feelings.Fill your heart with positive feelings and happiness.Your feelings are under your control ..don’t let others influence you.Fill your vase with flowers you like, not what others are gifting you as sometimes gifts can be painful.Live your life to the fullest and be your own boss.

Thought Land — October 28, 2015
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Thought Land… — September 9, 2015
Thought Land — August 31, 2015

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Learn to say no ..that also without explaining yourself.I know its very hard to say no sometimes but trust me if you will, today, you will save many regrets tomorrow.Saying NO doesn’t make you a devil but will give you inner peace.

Thought Land… — August 13, 2015